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Tax Relief in Birmingham, AL

Tax disputes can be complicated. Unless they have the required expertise, most people find themselves grappling with getting their taxes in order.

In the past, people would have to take up tax disputes with the IRS by themselves or hire lawyers. Hiring tax lawyers is not cheap, and the process can be intimidating. Thankfully, Tax Shark offers tax resolution services here in Birmingham, so tax relief is no longer a nightmare.

What is Tax Relief?

Tax relief is a service offered by the certified professions to help their clientele settle any pending open debts with the IRS. The settlement aims for minimum payment to the IRS or any state tax agency.

Tax Shark handles all the complexities that come with the relief process for the client. We advise prospects to call us at (205) 386-2353 before attempting to navigate through the tax disputes by themselves. We offer candidates a free consultation to avoid tax traps while contacting the tax authorities.

Tax Relief does not entail a single service. It is a collection of services that are known as tax relief, tax problem recovery, tax debt relief, or IRS representation.

Some of the services offered in tax resolution include;

• Penalty Abatement
• Levies
• Liens
• Offer In Compromise
• Tax Audit Representation

These types of services can be exceedingly beneficial to Birmingham residents facing significant tax issues.

The Tax Relief Process

The tax relief process starts with compliance verification. The client’s tax filing undergoes to rigorous scrutiny. The objective is to ensure that all taxes were filed in compliance with the IRS.

Compliance with state and IRS tax regulations requires bookkeeping and tax optimization work. Taxes should then be filed and updated accordingly. Next, Tax Shark works with the client to decide on the optimal tax compliance strategy.

Depending on the tax problem in question, the optimal tax relief method is selected by Tax Shark. Typically, our tax relief experts focus on the tax strategy that is likely to be readily accepted by the IRS. Moreover, we ensure the client does not pay the requested entire tax bill. Tax Shark keeps in communication with the client to ensure peace of mind through the resolution.

The client and the tax resolution firm (Tax Shark) have to agree on the course of action to resolve the impending tax issues. What follows is an appropriate filing method.

After the filing process, the client waits for acceptance. After acceptance of the settlement, and the resolution method is put in motion, the client is guaranteed relief. However, this does not mean that the client gets into the good books with the IRS. They have to be thoroughly compliant with the tax rules set by the IRS to be in good standing.

Fortunately, most reputable tax resolution firms like Tax Shark can advise the clients on what to do to maintain good standing with the IRS. The team ensures that the client can avoid all previous problems that they had with the IRS.

What matters is the type of firm that a client chooses to help them with their tax issues. It makes all the difference. If the firm is not only competent but also experienced, then the client stands a good chance to neutralize all the tax problems in question. The firm should establish a payment plan that befits the client’s financial ability.

Characteristics Of A Professional Tax Relief Firm

There are various aspects that every client should consider before choosing the appropriate tax resolution firm.


The first thing is the firm’s image. A client should carry out some due diligence before settling on a particular tax resolution firm. Frequently, excellent reviews give an insight into the reputation of a tax relief firm.


Experience can be viewed in terms of the firm’s interaction with IRS agents. Continuous communication with IRS agents keeps Tax Shark in a fit relationship with the IRS. This relationship ensures the highest chances of success for our clients.


What is the use of competent tax resolution services if the client cannot afford them? Tax Shark offers competitive resolution rates.

The firm should relieve their client from the financial burden that comes with tax disputes. If the costs of these services are high, then the client is disadvantaged.


If anyone can take care of delicate tax problems by themselves, then there would be no need for hiring professionals. It is, however, not that easy.

Qualified tax professionals know the ins and outs of a wide array of tax disputes. Specialized tax knowledge puts them in a better position to help their clients in more than one way.

The Birmingham Tax Resolution Process

Birmingham taxpayers may wonder when to hire a tax resolution service like Tax Shark. We advise taxpayers to contact to a tax resolution service at (205) 386-2353 as soon as they receive a notification of any wrongdoing including pending or emerging tax debts.

Responding quickly when the first notification is received does not only spare the client’s finances but also minimizes the stress that comes with tax problems. It does not matter whether it is business or personal tax affairs. So long as there is some form of tax disputes, the taxpayer is advised to halt other responsibilities and resolve their tax issues.

Most importantly, the longer the taxpayers wait to resolve their tax issues, the more the interest and other penalties accrue. The financial burden involved can quickly get out of hand and lead to the closure of a taxpayer’s business, driver’s license suspension, bank account lien, home seizure, and other measures.

The best line of action to use is an expert to respond with a payment plan that is acceptable by the IRS. If a client doesn’t do so, things are bound to escalate quickly. The IRS may follow up the notice with a Notice of Intent to Levy. This letter communicates the intention of the IRS to confiscate the assets as well as other investments of a client. The idea behind this is to sell and recoup the tax owed.

Tax relief in Birmingham is no longer has to be a dreaded, expensive, or sophisticated. Birmingham residents should contact Tax Shark for tax relief.

At times, taxpayers overlook the implications that tax irregularities are bound to cause. Some tax situations are more complicated than they look. A taxpayer doesn’t have the expertise and experience to tell when tax disputes are far-reaching tax problems. For this reason, things tend to end tragically.

Our ultimate goal is to help any Birmingham resident steer clear of the common tax disputes. Our professionals have been doing this successfully for many years. No matter how unique a client’s problems seem to be, we have probably encountered them.

At Tax Shark, we have well-trained professionals that deal with whichever tax disputes that come our way. Be it enrolled agents or certified accountants we’ve got them. Apart from that, we have worked with thousands of taxpayers in similar predicaments.

If you are located in the greater Birmingham area, contact our friendly experts regarding the tax dispute that you might be facing.

How Can A Birmingham Taxpayer Get Relief?

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