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Tax Attorney Birmingham, AL

Who is a Tax Attorney?

A tax attorney is someone who specializes in state, federal, and municipal laws and policies regarding taxes. The world of taxes is always shifting as the tax laws change quite a bit. Finding a qualified tax attorney is an excellent decision when dealing with situations involving the IRS. A proper tax attorney will be able to help their client reduce or eliminate their tax obligations and related fees. Handling tax cases is not a simple matter. There is an amplitude of information regarding tax laws, and it becomes difficult to pinpoint what would be needed for a specific case if someone were to try and tackle it on their own.

It is the job of a tax attorney to be knowledgeable about various tax laws and to stay on top of the new ones that are added. Most times, taxpayers call tax attorneys to help them comprehend tax laws and what they can do to stay in compliance with them. Tax attorneys can foresee possible tax outcomes depending on the entity type their client decides to file their company under; whether it is an LLC, S-corp, or C-corp. A Birmingham, AL tax attorney can inform their clients about all tax exceptions, helping the client to avoid paying any unnecessary taxes.

Many tax attorneys specialize in IRS (Internal Revenue Service) related matters. Tax attorneys in Birmingham, AL help individuals who forgot to file their business or individual taxes. Unfiled taxes are the common cause of violating the tax code. When an individual does not file with the state and federal government, the local tax authorities and the IRS believe the individual is committing tax evasion. The best way to deal with a situation like this is to hire a tax attorney in Birmingham, AL. Tax attorneys working with Tax Shark study laws and procedures to reduce the amount of money that is owed and find ways of extending the time a taxpayer has left to pay. For a person to find all of this information, they would have to do a lot of digging, and it is not likely that they would be able to understand most of what they read or how to apply it. This is where a tax attorney comes in. A tax attorney would be able to inform their client on the different courses of action they can take, as well as defend the client in front of the IRS. As a result, their client’s rights are protected if they happen to be dealing with an IRS agent that uses tactics such as threats to get taxpayers to pay what they owe.

Benefits Of A Birmingham, AL Tax Attorney

A tax attorney is most helpful due to their knowledge of tax code and law. Tax law is one of the most convoluted and complex tax structures in the United States. The IRS tax code spans over 1700 pages and someone who is not specialized in understanding tax law will probably not be able to know how to apply it to defend their situation. That is why most taxpayers of business owners enlist the help of a tax attorney. It is in a tax attorney’s job to understand tax law. This allows them to properly advise and counsel their clients on the best way to structure their money and take advantage of as many loopholes as possible. 

Tax attorneys also act as a shield between their clients and the IRS. The IRS can be intimidating. It’d be hard to focus on a solution when there are threats and final notices hanging in the air. A tax attorney will be the middle man in this sense for their client. A Birmingham tax attorney will be the professional entity that will represent their client to the IRS in the best way possible. They will serve their clients in any case with the IRS, as well as make sure that their client’s rights are protected. A tax attorney in Birmingham, AL has ample knowledge of tax law for their clients to take advantage. Clients can expect their tax attorney to assist them with filing returns and any other paperwork that a tax accountant or CPA would help.

A tax attorney can help their client file any returns that need to be submitted to the IRS. Tax returns are forms that contain information regarding your income, expenses, and any other relevant tax information. A tax attorney can help if someone needs to change some of the information on the current years return by helping their client to quickly and efficiently file a corrected return. They can also help if their client needs to file late returns or if they need an extension on their filing. The tax attorney will fill out all required documents and will request the extension from the IRS. Also, a tax attorney can ensure that their client’s proof of income gets submitted in time.

The IRS can place a lien on someone’s possessions or take from their income to pay off what they owe. Having a tax attorney can help in this situation as they know what steps to take to help their client keep their finances secure. One way that they can do this is by filing an OIC or an Offer in Compromise. An OIC is a program in the US that allows eligible people with unpaid taxes to negotiate on an amount that is less than their client’s owed current amount.

Tax Attorney in Birmingham, AL - Resolving Tax Debt

Tax debt is a prevalent problem among citizens of the United States. Many different instances and miscalculations can lead to the accruement of tax debt. Improper filing, misunderstanding of tax law, financial trouble, payroll miscalculations, incorrect business records can leave taxpayers wondering why they owe tax debt. The help of a tax attorney in situations like these can significantly reduce stress and put their client’s tax obligations in order.

A Birmingham tax attorney will inform their clients on the paths of action that are possible for them to resolve their tax debt. Failing to file tax returns is a crime. A tax lawyer will reassure their clients during the highest times of stress and redirect them on the path that they can take to debt resolution. A tax attorney in Birmingham will represent their client regarding cases of the latter failing to file taxes or an alternative payment structure. At Tax Shark, we let our clients know about the various programs that the IRS supports that are designed to provide alternative ways for taxpayers to regulate IRS debt to be free of tax debt.

Tax Relief Services by Birmingham Tax Attorneys

The tax law reformation acts of the late 80’s and early 90’s brought on the creation of services and forms, provided by the IRS, that are designed to help taxpayers negotiate and find alternative ways to handle tax debt. Since the tax code law is continually changing, Hiring a tax attorney to implement tax law to their client’s benefit can be immensely helpful when dealing with tax debt. However, taxpayers need to remember that in cases with the IRS, the burden of proof falls on the taxpayer. If a client wants to appeal to the IRS with an Order in Compromise or another kind of appeal, it’s the taxpayer’s responsibility to prove to the IRS that they are unable to pay their debt. The IRS wants to be paid what they are due. Most IRS case prosecutors are willing to negotiate debt repayment with taxpayers if a reasonable repayment structure can be agreed on. These are certainly not waters for a taxpayer to swim alone. Having the assistance, knowledge, and representation of a Birmingham tax lawyer will make the process less stressful and more manageable. Our tax attorneys enjoy working with tax law and they are glad to give their clients peace of mind when dealing with the IRS.

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