How Cost Segregation Can Turn Your Rental Into A Cash Cow

Cost segregation breaks your real property into its components, some of which you can depreciate much faster than the typical 27.5 years for a residential rental or 39 years for nonresidential real estate.When you buy real property, you typically break it into two assets for depreciation purposes:land, which is non-depreciable; andbuilding (residential is 27.5-year property; … Read more

Tax Reform And The Cannabis Industry

Lana Dolyna, EA  Tax Consultant You won’t get a Section 199A tax deduction for your cannabis business.But some of the other tax reform changes may make the C corporation a more attractive choice of entity than before (yes, really!).Let’s look at an example. Say the cannabis business has the following financials: CashTaxGross Receipts$500,000$500,000Cost of Goods Sold-$325,000-$325,000Gross … Read more