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Tax Attorney in Iowa City

Hiring a tax attorney is not something those living in America’s heartland think about much. Most average folks in Iowa may never need a tax attorney and can make do with a certified public accountant to file their tax returns. But, sometimes, you can find yourself in unexpected tax trouble without knowing where to go or who to call.

It might not be easy for the average person to know when to call a tax attorney and when a CPA will suffice. We’ve prepared this article to give you a few tips on how a tax attorney can help you. And, we think it’s useful to know a thing or two about finding the right tax attorney for your specific issues.

Who is a tax attorney?

When looking for a reliable tax attorney, make sure that they’re members of the local bar association. It’s also a good idea to get references from others who’ve had your tax issues. Or, you can ask the attorney for referrals.

Make sure they have experience with your concerns.

Benefits of an Iowa City Tax Attorney

Conducting International Business

Running a business in Iowa City with customers or suppliers overseas can result in additional problems and requirements from the IRS. The IRS has many other rules for declaring income or expenses to foreign governments. Fortunately, a skilled tax attorney deals with these regulations and laws all the time, and will help you navigate them.

A reliable tax attorney with experience in international law can help you navigate the mess of taxable income from overseas. They’ll make sure you stay within the law, so you can relax and focus on building your business.

Legal Issues with the IRS

Anytime you feel the IRS has mistreated you, or even if you’ve filed late and required an extension, you should call a qualified tax attorney. Filing an extension is a legal procedure to let the IRS know that you aren’t deliberately evading taxes, which is a federal crime. A tax attorney is familiar with the proper paperwork and procedures necessary to file it correctly to avoid penalties and not rile the federal authorities.

Tax attorneys are versed in the legal justifications and precedent for tax law. They understand tax law better than CPAs. And they have experience filing briefs, orders, and evidentiary requests in court, which can be tricky for any layperson to understand, much less write.

Filing for a Business License

Most people in Iowa City, if they need a tax attorney at all, need one to help them set up their business. Opening a business isn’t as simple as announcing it to the world and renting out space. It requires that you register your business officially with the IRS so they can determine your portion of the tax burden.

Hiring a qualified lawyer who specializes in taxation issues is the best way to set your new business up correctly. Tax lawyers know the best methods for preserving tax records and can file the necessary papers with the government. But, not all companies need a tax attorney to help them set up.

Consult with a tax attorney to determine if your new business needs their services.

Charges of Tax Fraud

The IRS isn’t just a government agency that collects taxes from people. They are also a federal bureau that enforces the law. Dedicated tax attorneys in Iowa City specialize in understanding and working within the parameters of established tax law. They’re the best at figuring out ways to defend their clients against charges of tax fraud. 

If you’re under investigation for tax fraud, you’ll need a legitimate attorney just as you would if it were a different category of crime. You want someone who understands the principles of the law that the government accuses you of breaking.

Estate Planning

If you’ve prepared a will, you’re probably already aware that it helps to have an attorney who understands the legalese of estate documents. But, you may not be aware that some estates incur tax penalties when they’re activated. For most people, this isn’t an issue because the estates don’t exceed the limit that triggers taxable contributions.

But, if your estate is large, hire a tax attorney to preserve as much of your estate as possible, so your beneficiaries don’t end up having to pay taxes. Tax lawyers are well-versed in figuring out the best way to inspect these documents to arrive at the best outcome for your heirs.