IRS Notice 1445: All You Need to Know

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Lana Dolyna, EA, CTC

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The IRS sends a variety of notices for various purposes and situations. One of these is IRS Notice 1445, which is a notice explaining how anyone can receive tax assistance in other languages. This is particularly useful for any taxpayer for whom English is a second language, which can make it easier for you to navigate the tax process and avoid complications or penalties.

What Is IRS Notice 1445?

IRS Notice 1445 is a relatively newer notice that notifies taxpayers of their ability to receive tax help in other languages. It lays out the steps needed to receive this help, to ensure that anyone can process their taxes promptly and accurately. It is included in much of the IRS’ common correspondence, and should not be a cause for concern.

Why Did I Receive This Notice?

The IRS has begun to include IRS Notice 1445 as a typical part of their regular correspondence to taxpayers, in order to notify as many people as possible about this avenue for extra help. It is not typically sent in specific circumstances, so unlike other specific notices, you should not worry that you’ve done anything incorrectly when you see it in your mail.

What Should I Do With IRS Notice 1445?

If you don’t need assistance in other languages, you will not need to do anything. However, if you would like to take advantage of this assistance, simply follow the instructions outlined in the notice to contact the IRS and access this assistance. Otherwise, you can set the notice aside and check your correspondence for any other notices for other purposes.

What Languages Does the IRS Offer Support In?

For different occasions, the IRS offers specific support in certain languages, such as:

  • For general information on most IRS pages, you can view the pages in Russian, Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Haitian Creole, and Korean.
  • The IRS basic guide to federal income taxes, known as IRS Publication 17, is offered in English, Spanish, traditional and simplified Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, and Russian.
  • IRS tax form 1040 (Individualized Tax Return) is offered in both English and Spanish. The instructions for completing Form 1040 are provided in 20 different languages.

How Can You Get IRS Assistance in Another Language?

The IRS We Speak Your Language page offers options for assistance in 21 different languages to help taxpayers more easily navigate their tax questions and the filing process. You will find essential tax information here, as well as further info on additional assistance the IRS provides in each language.

IRS Notice 1445 vs. Internal Revenue Code Section 1445

Internal Revenue Code Section 1445 refers to a specific set of guidelines centered on withholding taxes and refunds when a foreign person sells property within the United States. This is not a notice, like IRS Notice 1445, but an actual part of IRS guidelines outlining steps and requirements around this issue. If you see IRS Notice 1445, you are simply receiving information on additional language supports the IRS offers, and nothing related to IRC Section 1445.


Questions about IRS notice 1445? We have the answers.

The IRS sends out a variety of notices for both informational and notification purposes. IRS Notice 1445 is specifically about additional language support the IRS offers taxpayers.

You only need to respond to IRS Notice 1445 if you wish to receive assistance in one of the languages the IRS offers additional support in. Otherwise, you may put it aside.

The IRS includes IRS Notice 1445 as part of much of its common correspondence, and it is often sent in conjunction with another notice or letter to ensure the recipient understands the related important information.