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Tax Attorney in Los Angeles

A tax attorney is a legal specialist with extensive experience in navigating the complicated waters of US tax law. These professionals have a thorough understanding of regulations on a city, state, and federal level. Essentially, they make dealing with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) a lot simpler.

Regardless of whether the taxes are personal or business-related, an experienced tax attorney will make sure that possible tax exemptions aren’t overlooked. In the event of back taxes or substantial tax debt, they can also help minimize or eliminate fees and penalties. Every case is different, but a tax attorney’s role is to dissect their client’s case and present a pragmatic solution to any issues that might arise.

Taxpayers who want to be sure they are getting the most out of their tax return while not paying unnecessary taxes should contact a qualified tax attorney from the team at Tax Shark. Often, it’s merely an issue of the taxpayer not quite understanding ever-changing tax laws. A tax attorney is trained to stay up to date with these guidelines. They can take an overwhelmingly uncertain tax situation and turn it into an easy-to-understand process to follow—step by step.

Accruing a tax debt can be scary. Dealing with an aggressive IRS prosecutor can be even more frightening. Thankfully, there are tax attorneys unintimidated by the IRS, and they specialize in representing taxpayers in situations such as these.

An IRS attorney represents taxpayers facing all levels of tax debt. They speak on their client’s behalf to structure repayment plans. They also advise when an Offer in Compromise is appropriate and assure their client’s rights are protected.

Benefits of a Los Angeles, CA Tax Attorney

With thousands of pages of IRS tax code, the probability of a taxpayer appropriately applying the relevant information to their case is unlikely. Tax Shark’s Los Angeles tax attorneys do all the heavy lifting. A tax attorney has a firm grasp on the thousands of pages of tax codes, thus increasing the chances of saving thousands of dollars in fees, penalties, and unwarranted payments.

When tax law is understood, how to file tax returns correctly is too. Tax attorneys provide a complete understanding of current legislation to ensure their client’s income, expenses, and economic changes are accounted for and submitted on time. Changes in income, business structure, and location can make filing complicated, but a Los Angeles tax attorney simplifies this process.

When taxes are filed correctly, and on time, there is still a chance that paying them will prove problematic. In this case, the IRS may garnish a taxpayer’s wages or place liens on assets to pay off the debt. A tax attorney can help prevent these scenarios through repayment plans or by filing for an OIC.

The IRS grants an OIC in exceptional circumstances where the taxpayer can show proof that they are entirely unable to pay off fees or penalties. Less transparent tax relief companies often claim they can exterminate tax debts entirely, but this is not true. However, working with a Tax Shark tax attorney in Los Angles gives you a fair chance to reduce or eliminate added fees from your taxes through an OIC.

Resolving Tax Debt

Improper filing and missteps in financial calculations have led to a growing national problem: tax debt.

For those struggling with tax debt, a tax attorney can illuminate a path forward. They’ll begin by ensuring the debt is owed to begin with. It’s not uncommon for errors in the filing process to lead to unjustified debts being assessed. The debt may also be beyond the statute of limitations. The IRS only has ten years to collect on back taxes.

Once the debt is verified, the next step is to negotiate. The IRS has laws in place that leave room for negotiation when it comes to paying off a tax debt. However, hiring a tax attorney to negotiate on your behalf offers the best chance at a manageable payment plan and financial security. Don’t let fees and penalties snowball—get tax debt relief today.

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