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Personal tax services for individuals looking to prepare and file their W-2, 1099, or other earned wages.

tax preparation


Business tax services for business owners looking to prepare and file corporate returns.

business tax preparation


Tax planning services for taxpayers or business owners looking to reduce tax spending.

Tax Planning


Tax relief services for taxpayers who are facing collections from the IRS and/or state tax authorities.

tax relief


Payroll services for business owners looking for payroll outsourcing to a trusted, local firm.

Personal Tax Services

As you continue building your wealth, there are very few variables that will not be subject to change. After all, given inflation and constantly evolving markets, it is fair to expect that certain aspects of your ventures will have to adapt. One thing that will always remain the same, however, is the fact that you have to pay taxes to the Internal Revenue Service, usually before April 15th. This is where we can step in and help you with the tedious process that can save you time and reduce the risk of getting audited.

Business Tax Services

Whether you have a one-person venture or a small enterprise that hires dozens of people, the level of complexity of your taxes can often exceed your knowledge. After all, absent years of training, preparing a tax return for a small business can be incredibly difficult even when you try to incorporate professional software. For instance, while using Turbo Tax and similar services will allow you to take advantage of advanced tools, you will miss out on incredibly important advice that a professional CPA can provide when they handle your tax return.

Tax Planning

In order to maximize your deductions, we complete an in-depth analysis of your venture where we get familiar with everything that you do. That way, we are able to take advantage of every single expense while keeping important tax strategies in mind that can facilitate future planning. This process, which is known as tax planning, allows us to determine what is best timing for certain expenditures so that your tax liability remains as low as possible.

Tax Relief

As millions of Americans face situations where they owe money to the IRS, it is imperative to realize that you have many options that can help you overcome this debt in a more bearable manner. Some common ones include payment plans, potential debt relief to qualified candidates, offers in compromise, and much more. Our tax relief services will help educate you on all of your options and pair you with a trained professional who can review your situation and give you a plan of action.


One of the cornerstones of every successful business is the human resource department and an efficient payroll system. While you have to ensure that your human resource department is operating up to par, we can help guarantee that your payroll is at its full potential. Our local Roseville experts will work with you to determine the exact need of your company based on its size, market niche, future expansion goals, current economic trends, and much more.

About Tax Shark's Roseville Services

Tax Shark is ready to help you with individual and business tax services, planning, and more. Our services range from simple returns for employed individuals all the way to complex, business-based returns for those who operate their own ventures. In addition, we specialize in strategic tax planning that aims to minimize upcoming tax liability through legal deductions and breaks.

Besides services related to prospective tax payments, we also work with clients who need help resolving a wide variety of IRS-related issues such as overdue debt or unfilled returns. Our tax relief services are focused on providing every client with a unique strategy that will help them discharge their liability as fast as possible without experiencing additional financial burden on their everyday life.

Our expertise in business-related spheres also allows us to integrate into your venture and facilitate seamless payroll services. Given the importance of properly functioning payroll, which can provide employers with massive savings, it is imperative that you consider implementing our forward-thinking approaches. Doing so could result in lower payroll expenditures in the long run as well as notable savings of employees’ time and resources.

To ensure that we provide the highest degree of care, our specialists will conduct a detailed analysis of your personal or business income and expenditures. Doing so will eliminate the risk of missing important deductions that would result in a lower tax liability. We will also conduct in-depth reviews of all cost-to-benefit ratios to ensure that our tax planning services will yield a positive financial outcome for yourself or your business. To help introduce you to some of the basics of how any of our tax-related processes operate, below is a clear outline of how our services function.

For clients seeking payroll services, the process slightly differs as our focus is based on creating a tool that will facilitate smoother operations. This means that we analyze all aspects of your business to determine everything from your internal controls to common operating practices. The details of the payroll solution that we provide will range based on the size of your venture and practices.

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