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Tax Preparation & Relief Services - Saving Clients Thousands Each Year

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The Tax Shark office provides help for small business.

Tax season… The questions start rising as we get closer to this time: How much taxes do I owe IRS?

Will I get a refund on the taxes I paid last year?

What if I didn’t file taxes last year, should I file them now?

Will I get in trouble with IRS for not filing the taxes?

If you ask any of these questions, you are not alone.

Many people file taxes every year either by themselves or with tax professionals, but at the same time, there are few that either voluntarily or accidentally did not file taxes in the previous years. Now, it’s time to think about what to do next, and we are here to help you lead through all the steps of this process.

Everyone is unique so is their tax situation. Trying to understand tax law on your own can be complicated, that is why our professional team is ready to guide you through the tax filing labyrinth. Our team is professionally trained and will accurately prepare proper forms that are needed for your taxes, so you can get all the deductions and credits that you qualify for and pay the least amount of taxes possible legally.

If you haven’t filed taxes for a long time, not filing taxes this year is not an option. Sooner or later you will attract attention from IRS, and they will file the taxes for you requiring larger payment of taxes than you anticipated plus the penalty fees. Don’t wait any longer and call us. We will help you find the solution you need that is unique to your situation.

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Tax Services

Income consulting for more savings.

Can proudly say we are "nearby", "near me", "in my area" and "near my location" to locals.​

Professional advising guaranteed.

Highly reviewed and top rated tax consultants.

A California based business.

We work for small businesses, truckers & truck drivers.

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In order to help our local community thrive, our focus is on helping local taxpayers avoid, remedy, and solve tax issues.

Roseville is one of the best communities to live and work in and provides many benefits for the locals. However, the IRS keeps a watchful eye over every taxpayer, including us. 

This is why Tax Shark is a full-fledged tax services company that knows how to help you with tax issues and provide support every step of the way.

The IRS often makes the tax process overwhelming and stressful. Like a toothache, if you ever had one, all you want is to relieve the pain. 

Tax Shark works with taxpayers and business owners to provide a full-suite of tax solutions for tax relief. Take a look at our services below for your specific situation.

Estate Planning Attorney - Call Today For A Strategy Session

Tax Planning

Best service for planning out your financial roadmap.

Best Roseville planning advisors.

A leader in professional Roseville companies.

Highly reviewed Roseville business.

Can proudly say we are "nearby", "near me", "in my area" and "near my location" to locals.​

One of the great places for a financial strategy session.

Are you paying high taxes every year? Are you self-employed? Bring in your tax documents from previous years and you might be eligible to save on taxes more than you think. Our experts will look at your unique situation and will let you know if they can help you save on taxes in the future.

If you are a business owner, did you open your business as a sole proprietor, LLC, partnership, C corporation, S corporation? Each kind of business has its own rules for taxes. Did you choose the right one? Come in for a review of your documents and we will be able to tell you if your business can be reconstructed for purpose of lowering your tax bill. Many business owners were able to save thousands of dollars after the tax planning services on their taxes.

Professional CPA firm - Serving Roseville & Greater Sacramento Region

Tax Resolution

Helping clients lower income liability.

Fantastic service delivery.

Best Roseville and Highly Reviewed Roseville tax resolution firm.

Can proudly say we are "nearby", "near me", "in my area" and "near my location" to locals.​

California based firm.

Our office is in Roseville, CA.

Most people wouldn’t dream of handling legal matters on their own – they know they need an expert! Unfortunately, many people who try to handle their tax resolution on their own experience extreme frustration. Call us today for a free confidential consultation. We know the system and we can find the right solution for you. 
Silence is golden. Even if you’re completely innocent, talking with the IRS can land you in trouble. It’s amazing how many IRS problems have been generated by an innocent conversation. If you let us handle your communications with IRS, you can avoid unnecessary problems.

Financial Consultant - We'll Help You Make The Most Of Your Money

Tax Relief

Professional service right now, call us.

Considered the best professional in local area.

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Can proudly say we are "nearby", "near me", "in my area" and "near my location" to locals.​

Attorney firms often overcharge.

Tax experts, front and center.

Losing sleep because of IRS? Are you tossing and turning because of anxiety about the IRS? Your tax problems can be solved, but you can’t solve them alone!

Many taxpayers through an IRS program called “Offer in Compromise” can pay a much smaller amount or totally wipe out the debt. You can establish a monthly payment plan with the IRS. We can take the unnecessary stress out of your life by helping you throughout the whole process from beginning to the end.

You can escape the penalty trap from IRS. Penalties are assessed for all kind of reasons, but with a single goal – to punish taxpayers severely. This punishment often results in extreme hardship. With our help, sometimes penalties can often be reduced to ZERO. Do not let the IRS ruin your life. Call us today to discuss tax relief.

Payroll Service - Scheduled, On Autopilot

Service nearby business stress by covering your companies payroll responsibilities.

Can proudly say we are "nearby", "near me", "in my area" and "near my location" to locals.​

Local Roseville office is open from 9AM to 5PM, by appointment.

By the law, everyone is required to pay taxes. Does your company has a payroll system? The first set of taxes is the taxes you pay to the federal government based on your amount of allowances. Then we have taxes such as FICA (Federal Insurance Contributions Act) which are Social Security taxes and Medicare taxes. These taxes are mandatory and are required to be paid by the employees and by the employer. Another set of taxes that are required to be paid by IRS is FUTA (Federal Unemployment Tax Act) and SUTA (State Unemployment Tax Act). These taxes are paid only by the employer. If you are a business owner that has employees, we are ready to help you set up the payroll system and help you pay your taxes on time. Let our Roseville payroll experts help you with payroll.

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Tax Shark – Roseville is located on 1700 Eureka Rd #155-1, Roseville. From Sacramento International Airport (SMF) head north on Airport Blvd and keep right to continue on Airport Blvd E. Then keep right to continue on Aviation Dr and continue onto Crossfield Dr. Next, turn left and merge onto Airport Blvd. After that merge onto I-5 S via the ramp to Sacramento and merge onto I-5 S. Use the right 2 lanes to take exit 522 to merge onto I-80 E toward Reno and head straight for 8.4mi. Then keep left at the fork to stay on I-80 E and take exit 103A for Douglas Blvd E. Finally, merge onto Douglas Blvd and turn right onto Eureka Rd. Tax Shark – Roseville will be on your right. We are open 24/7. For additional questions you can call us at (916) 542-9244 or you can find us on Yelp.