The motor vehicle is a self- boosted wheeled vehicle does not need rails to operate such as the trains or the trams. With the increasing expansion of the motor vehicle industry, the need for the Department of Motor Vehicles is felt. An official body is needed to maintain and manage the motor vehicles.

In the United States of America, there is an official state and district level agency, funded and run by the US government. This department manages the registration of the vehicles as well as the driver licensing processes. It is known as the DMV or the Department of Motor Vehicles, though the name can vary from state to state or from district to district. Not all of the DMV functions are managed single handed by one particular agency in each and every state. But in the case of license renewal and license insurance of the driver, DMV plays a very important role.

In the State of California, the agency which is responsible for the management of motor vehicles, the driver licensing procedures and the registration of the vehicles officially and legally is the Department of Motor Vehicles. The main parent agency is the Department of California state level transportation agency. The location, as well as the functions of the department of motor vehicles even within the state’s government’s transportation agency, may vary widely. As for an instance, the Department of Motor Vehicles in Roseville, CA is the main agency that manages the motor vehicles here.

All of these departments of Motor Vehicles have certain duties and responsibilities which they have to follow and obey without any fail. These are stated below.

In countries such as the United States of America, there is no such national identification card or proof. Thus here the driver’s licenses often act as the identification card. Thus huge responsibility falls on the Department of Motor Vehicles in the respective states, to regulate and manage the licenses of the drivers and process the identification card for the non-drivers.

In some of the states, the public has to take a written as well as practical driving test to prove his or her driving skills. If he or she succeeds, then they are given a drivers license, otherwise not. All of the DMV publish each and every state’s manual, which every driver have to know. Department of Motor Vehicles in Roseville, CA also follows the same method before giving licenses to the drivers.

The Department of Motor Vehicles is accountable for giving the particular identification numbers to each vehicle. These numbers are given in a permanent or a temporary tag. This process of registering each vehicle with an identifiable number is essential and important, mainly to prevent crimes.

The warranty of ownership is managed by the Department of Motor Vehicles in each and every estate, by giving vehicle titles. The kinds of vehicles which are certified depend on the policies of the Department of Motor Vehicles of each state. Though the responsibilities may vary, certain aspects remain the same. This giving of titles to individual vehicles ins important as it often acts and identification also. This also helps to prevent a lot of street crimes such as theft or fraud.

The responsibilities of the Department of Motor Vehicles fall under the regulations and maintenance of the state as well as federal laws concerning motor vehicles.
In comparison to other law enforcement, the Department of Motor Vehicles law operates with much more flexibility. But if certain rules are broken, then the person is investigated and if he or she does not answer, then license as well as the tag, is canceled. though every citizen has the right to not speak, in the time of the investigation, any constitutional right can protect them. The DMV has the power to test any individuals’ sobriety for the benefit of the investigation. A great deal of responsibility falls on the DMV, in aspects of the maintenance and regulation of the motor laws, licenses, and others. Though the duties vary, The Department of Motor Vehicles, in Roseville, CA have similar kinds of responsibilities which they have to follow and maintain.

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