Sierra view country club is a wonderful, friendly, and welcoming place. Sierra view club of Roseville in CA is the people’s popular choice for performing different activities like playing golf, table-tennis and round tennis. All the fun-filled dining and social experiences can be performed here.

Why should you visit Sierra View Country Club in Roseville, CA?

No doubt, it is the most welcoming place in Roseville, CA, an excellent place for all the curricular activities like golf, tennis and also a very good place for social gatherings. There are so many reasons why you should visit the place for spending quality time with your family and friends. Many co-workers and neighbors have made Sierra a very warm place away from your home. So come here with your family and friends and find the inner you. You can organize a birthday party or a kitty party here. Also, you can discover a different golf experience in the Sierra View Country Club. As far as the area and its surrounding are concerned, it is a very beautiful area with a beautiful scenic view. Your stay in a good place is really very important when you visit a place like Sierra Country Club.


Location plays a very important role when planning a day out for a relaxing time. From the very moment you arrive at the place, you will realize that you are here for something lots of fun. When it comes to going for a day out in a club to play golf or a social gathering, Sierra View Country Club is well located. If you are looking for the best public golf club then you cannot go wrong with Sierra View Country Club. The location is excellent and the view is utmost beautiful. Well-groomed fairways and greenery keep the club very friendly and a maintain a very healthy environment. It has a splendid view and is a terrific choice for playing golf.


It’s a fully air-conditioned club for an amazing experience for everything. The Sierra View Country Club lifestyle means immeasurable friendship, cherishing your relation with your loved ones and making unforgettable friendship. One can take the full advantage of the natural landscape. It is built in 6452 yards for experiencing a nice and healthy environment for the visitors. It has luxury rooms, free Wi-Fi connections 24*7. You can experience the best quality of each and everything.

Membership Opportunities

The Sierra View Country Club provides four kinds of membership which are equity membership, young executive membership, tennis membership, and social membership.

Equity membership: The equity membership provides the customer, the total access to all the club facilities and amenities including golf course, tennis courts, clubhouse, dining halls and rooms for other social activities. The initiation fee is $3,000. The monthly dues and fee for the family are $515 and for an individual is $425.

Young executive membership: The Club’s young executive membership is applicable to the candidates between the ages of 21-40. This membership also provides all the club facilities including golf and tennis court and all the facilities as same as of the equity membership. From the age of 21-34, the initiation fee is $1000 and monthly dues and fees are $335. For the age of 35-40, the initiation fee is $2000 and the monthly dues and fee is $412.

Tennis membership: The tennis membership of the club provides access to all the club facilities and amenities of sports and social events. The initiation fee is $250 and the monthly dues and fee for a family is $115, for couples is $105, and for an individual is $95.

Social membership: The social membership of the Sierra View Country Club provides all the facilities of the clubhouse, dining rooms, and all the social gatherings. The initiation fee is $150 and the monthly dues and fees are $90.

The Bottom Line

The tag line of the Sierra View Country Club is “Where Friends Belong”. Membership of this club is not just a membership but a lot more than that. It’s a great feeling of belonging to a family that appreciates and enhances your quality. It is a wonderful and active place which has something or the other from kids to senior citizens.

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