Due to the efforts which were put by Roseville citizens in ensuring that the local residents are able to get proper medical care, the Roseville Community Hospital was established in the year 1952. This community hospital was able to serve the local area for many years has shown a distinguished service record. In the year 1993, this hospital was able to partner with Sutter Health so that it was able to take care o the fast-growing health needs of the community. In the year 1997, the state of art hospital known as The Sutter Medical Center was relaunched in the aim of offering advanced medical care in the future.

This hospital serves the local residents at North Sacramento, South Placer and the nearby states. It’s a 791,000 square foot campus which offers acute care for all people. The Sutter Roseville Medical Center is able to hold 328 licensed beds and various programs and services which are meant for the fast-growing community. Some of the services that are offered at this hospital are Cancer services, Family medicine, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Home health and hospice, maternity services, women’s health, and behavioral health.

The best thing about Sutter Medical center is that it was designed in such a way that it will continue to evolve as technology advances and it’s also accredited by the Joint Commission. In the year 2016, this medical center was named among the top five health systems in the nation. The analysis which was done by Truven Health Analytics revealed that Sutter Health center was able to save more lives, spend less amount of time when attending to a patient and has fewer complications.

Every year The Sutter medical center offers millions of dollars in support of the services that they offer. They do offer care for those people who cannot afford it, fund research and education that will improve the lives of many people and they contribute to the organizations and programs which offer health-related services who those who need them. Some of these services include food banks, wellness, and prevention programs, transportation services, and mobile clinics. They do endeavor in being a good neighbor so that all people get the opportunity to live a healthy life.

Innovation at Sutter Roseville medical center.

The best thing about this health center is they deeply care about the community and people around them. They have a team of medical experts have an inner drive in transforming the quality of medical care and also access to better health care. They do believe that health care must be compassionate, more accessible, easier to understand and affordable for all people. Therefore, they must innovate so that they can fulfill these visions. There are so many ways that they do innovation which are:

Operational performance – They’ve been able to streamline the business and support services so that they operate in an efficient manner and offer good customer service. From the year 2012, they have been able to save about $200 million on costs.

Research – They pride themselves having produced the first doctor in the nation who was able to operate a person using a robot which is about 20 years ago. The research which they conducted in the year 2017 involves the state of art Biobank which represents of the biggest efforts by the health system in linking the genetic information to the electronic health records as one way of increasing discoveries.

Care on your terms – They’re planning to open a walk-Care Centre in Northern California which will offer same day appointments for daily illnesses. They’re looking for solutions which will eliminate some of the little which frustrate people. For instance, they’re assisting people to get prescriptions in a convenient manner.

Advanced technologies – Technology can also be used in transforming the health care sector. Currently, they are piloting the Google Glass Technology so that they can limit the doctors from using the medical charting an hour of paperwork so that they can get time to care for people. They have a hospital which is the first one in California to pilot the virtually painless way of drawing blood. Through this method, the medical practitioners can draw blood without inserting a needle into the vein of the patient.

Community partnerships – They do believe that people require medical care beyond what they offer in their hospital, that is why they’re innovating the best ways on how we can deliver medical care to the streets. They do have street nurses who get out there so that they can meet homeless people in alleys and parks so that they can offer them free medical care also connect them to important social services. This program was launched in the year 2016 and they have been able to partner with Sacramento Steps Forward and WellSpace Health.

Another well known staple in Roseville is the Denio’s Farmers Market and Swap Meet. 

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