The Westfield Galleria in Roseville, CA is a chic shopping mall about 20 miles northeast of the state capital of Sacramento. The Westfield Company is one of the biggest developers of shopping destinations around the world. 

The Galleria is considered among many shoppers to be the best shopping mall in the surrounding area and for good reason. It is a classy, upscale shopping area that has plenty of amenities that all shoppers can enjoy. 

The Westfield Galleria is home to some of the best luxury brand stores in the area. From Tiffany & Co to Tory Burch to Louis Vuitton, there is no shortage of high end shopping choices at the Galleria. People flock to the Galleria to take advantage of the selection of luxury items that are offered at the center. 

When a shopping center offers these upscale brands, there are certain expectations of the facilities. The Westfield Galleria does an excellent job of meeting the needs of the customers who come to shop at their mall. 

People want their shopping adventures to be a worthwhile experience, and the Galleria knows how to cater to their clientele. Even though the majority of the stores are inside, the open and airy design helps shoppers feel like they are at an event, not just another run of the mill mall. 

The high glass façade and welcoming displays make customers feel as if they are guests at an upscale gathering, rather than just customers looking to spend their money. The difference is subtle, yet very profound. There’s a reason why so many people report having such a great shopping experience at the Westfield Galleria in Roseville, CA. 

One of the features that help to promote this atmosphere are the fountains, located in the epicenter of the block. When lit up at night, it’s a magical experience for the customers. More than 4,000 visitors come to the Galleria daily just to experience the enchanted energy of these fountains. 

This is the ideal place to meet friends, take a memorable family photo, and of course shop in the fabulous stores that surround the fountains.

The Westfield Galleria in Roseville, CA is home to all the stores that you would expect, and a few that you might not. They offer everything you could want from fashion, electronics, gifts, department stores, jewelry, health and beauty, and even variety stores. 

You can shop for shoes at Aldo or look for a new watch at the Fossil store. The Galleria is also the only Apple store in the surrounding area. The selection available at the center is unmatched by any other shopping area for many miles. It’s not a mystery why the Galleria gets so many visitors every day. The options available there would take most people multiple days if they had to try to drive to find all these stores outside the mall. 

Along with the fountains, the Galleria has both an indoor and outdoor play area where kids can enjoy the experience as much as their parents. The bright, colorful indoor play area is the perfect place for children to explore the many animal characters and large puzzles. Plus, there is a carousel located on the second floor of the center. 

The outdoor play area is spacious and open. It is accessible year round and is the perfect place to sit back and enjoy the warm weather that Northern California has to offer much of the year. Along with the outdoor area, there is also a family lounge and kid-friendly dining options. Not to mention free WiFi for teenagers (and adults) who want to stay connected while out and about, and preferred parking for families and expectant mothers. 

The Westfield Galleria isn’t just about families either. There are plenty of services that any shopper can enjoy. They offer valet service Friday – Sunday at Ruth’s Chris Steak House and Land Ocean restaurants. 

There is also plenty of electric vehicle charging stations around the mall as well as phone charging at the shopping center. 

The Galleria offers a wide variety of dining and food items to help curb that appetite that gets built up during your shopping excursion. They have traditional restaurant favorites like the Cheesecake Factory and Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, and variety of other food options. 

Whether you want a fine dining experience at Land Ocean or grab a quick burger at the Buckhorn Grill, there are plenty of options available. Both levels of the mall have food options, so you don’t have to go very far when your stomach starts to rumble. 

The Westfield Galleria in Roseville, CA has everything you need to create the perfect shopping experience. They have accounted for every need that any shopper could possibly imagine and it makes sense why it is such a sought after shopping destination. 

Right across the street from the Galleria is The Fountains shopping center.

Roseville is truly a wonderful place to visit and do business in. 

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