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"I Owe The IRS" Sacramento, CA

Do You Owe The IRS?

Many people don’t like the season for filing taxes. It is stressful, to say the least. However, the aftermath is something to look forward to, particularly for individuals expecting a refund. The average taxpayer receives about $3000 in the form of a refund.

On the other hand, there are people who receive a different kind of report from the Internal Revenue Service – and an agitating one for that matter. Individuals who have always received tax refunds are usually confused when they hear that they owe the IRS.

Why Do I Owe The IRS?

The reason you may owe the IRS after filing your taxes is that you paid a lesser amount than required during the last tax year. Note that this is usually dependent on your income level.

Your reasons for an underpayment may vary. If you are an employee of an organization, your employer has a responsibility of withholding a part of your salary every month to settle your tax burden. Your W-4 determines the amount of money withheld as tax. You fill the W-4 when starting work in a company. If you didn’t ask your employer to withhold sufficient money from your salary, it could be the reason you owe money to the IRS.

This incident is common among the self-employed and people who receive 1099s for contract work. It is advisable to pay quarterly estimated taxes all through the year. Understand that it is never easy to hit the right number, and as such, you cannot completely get remove the “I Owe The IRS” from the word bank.

How to Handle Tax Debt

One of the ways to approach and settle tax debt is to pay the debt to the federal and/or state agencies. 

However, what happens when you feel like the money you owe the IRS is too much to handle? You need to act as fast as possible. If you aren’t willing to handle the situation on your own, it is wise of you to look for help. Tax Shark provides tax relief services to help taxpayers in this situation.

What Are Tax Relief Services?

These services are aimed at helping you reduce your tax bill, eliminate or minimize penalties and also stop possible enforced collection actions by the IRS. Tax relief professionals at Tax Shark can help you to prevent asset seizure as well as wage garnishment.

1. Do Not Battle The IRS Alone

Tax Shark has Sacramento professionals that negotiate with the IRS on a daily basis. These experts have in-depth knowledge of how the IRS works. They tell you what to say and when. They combine that knowledge and experience to help you attain the best possible settlement.

This is, by far; better than going in all alone. Also, for the IRS to take you seriously, you need to hire professionals. It is the easiest way to get an audience with them and then forge the way forward.

2. Reduced Tax Burden

In many instances, your tax burden comprises of interest and additional penalties. At times, it may entail issues that go beyond one tax period. Tax Shark will assess the penalties and interest using tax relief strategies for reduced tax burden on the taxpayer.

The results of the investigation help more the case forward. The IRS may agree to remove these penalties and interest that have accrued on your tax debt due to taxpayer circumstances. Reach out to Tax Shark to discuss your unique situation.

3. Safeguard Your Property Against Seizure

Taxpayers loosing their homes or property to the IRS due to tax debts is common as a last resort measure for the IRS. 

The past decade has witnessed a significant rise in IRS property seizure. Tax Shark can prevent this from happening by setting up client protection on your behalf with the IRS. 

4. Prevent An IRS Bank Account Levy

In the same manner the IRS can seize your property, they can levy your bank account. If you have received several warnings and notices, contact Tax Shark to contain the situation. Taxpayers have woken up to balances of zero dollars across their accounts due to account levies. The sudden loss of finances can make life difficult.

5. Setup An Installment Agreement

Tax Shark will help you negotiate a manageable payment plan. Some of the tools we use include hardship extensions, offer in compromise and disability credit. The Tax Shark tax relief professional who is handling your case will advise you based on your current situation.

Are You In Sacramento With A "I Owe The IRS" Situation?

Tax Shark should be your one-stop destination for tax relief services. Based in Sacramento, Tax Shark has worked with hundreds of case settlements. Our specialized tax mitigation approach helps our clients solve tax debt.

Recommend a Plan

A private consultation session will give you insights on how to get out of tax debt. If you are ready to proceed, the Tax Shark will begin the investigation phase. This phase entails ensuring client protection, pulling of transcripts and a review of the available options. After the investigation, Tax Shark will work to settle with the IRS and free you from owing the IRS in Sacramento.

How Can A Taxpayer Get Relief?

Speak with a friendly Sacramento Tax Advisor at Tax Shark by dialing (916) 542-9244 or by clicking the button below. 

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