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Not all taxes are prepared equally. Our review service defends your interests and wallet before the IRS and state authorities.

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You would be surprised to know how many people don’t claim all their applicable tax credits and deductions simply because they are unaware of the laws or haven’t reported a change in their income or family situation.

Expert tax review services from Tax Shark can help you keep more of your hard-earned money. Since 2016, we have helped our clients generate more than $4 million in tax savings.

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Do I Need a Second Opinion on My Tax Returns?

If you are wondering whether you need a tax review, the answer is probably yes. This applies not only to people with self-prepared tax forms but also to those who work with experienced CPAs. We have found tax return errors even for clients who were sure their tax documentation was fully correct.

Here are some common errors people make on their tax returns:

Tax Review Fees

Our second opinion tax review fees are $500 for an individual review. We also offer other tax services like tax preparation, audit representation, and tax relief, but you have no obligation to sign up for our additional services.

Tax Review Considerations

When we review tax forms, we often discover serious errors that could expose clients to a high risk of an IRS audit, especially if they earn over $1 million a year. Dealing with the IRS can be stressful and time-consuming. Here are a few factors that could potentially trigger an IRS audit:

Our tax experts can help make sure your tax forms are correct and free of the type of errors that could attract an IRS audit.

Up to 5 Years of Review

We offer up to five years of retrospective tax review. If we find no errors in your past tax forms, we will inform you. However, from our experience, in 90% of the cases, we find critical errors that have cost money or could cost money if they repeat in future tax filings.

Tax Review Services for Federal and State Taxes

Overpaying on taxes is both expensive and completely avoidable. A quick tax revision may help you save thousands of dollars you could invest in your business or personal goals. Tax Shark is here to make sure as much money as possible stays in your pocket. Our tax professionals can help you review your tax forms up to 5 years back.

Individual Tax Review

For taxpayers with income from W-2(s).


per tax year


Get an independent review of taxes.
Work with a tax pro.

We’ll help locate your bottom line by finding every available credit and deduction, along with an analysis of filing accuracy and audit risk.