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Our tax preparation services are available for individuals and businesses within the Roseville area. That means the team is ready to help you meet all your taxation compliance needs. Our tax preparation strategies for businesses and individuals minimize both the current and future taxes and contributes to your healthier financial future.

To file your income taxes or that of your business, you will need some documents in addition to the financial reports. These documents include the balance sheets of the corporation’s fiscal year and the year-end, the profit and loss statement, and the documents to help in the computation of the cost of goods.

Why Hire a Roseville Tax Preparation Company?

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The common tax issues in Roseville include:

Accuracy-Related Penalties

The IRS imposes penalties after determining underpayment of taxes. Some examples of accuracy-related penalties include failure to keep the records substantiating income and the failure to report the sales proceeds.

Frivolous Issues Penalties

IRS has been taking a hard position against the individuals who argue frivolously, such as there is no constitutional basis for income taxation and those who work to delay collections enforcement. Most of the penalties hover around four figures.

Failure to File or Pay Penalties

You have to file your tax returns on time. Failure to do that will lead to penalties. However, the IRS might not impose the penalties in some situations – and that is what most of the common cases focus on. Tax Shark helps taxpayers prove reasonable cause for the failure to file tax returns on time.


How much will you charge for the preparation of tax returns?

The cost of tax preparation highly varies depending on the amount of time we will take to prepare your tax returns. To quote the price precisely, we will need to see your documents. Therefore, call us today for a quote. 

Why should I provide you with the previous years’ tax returns?

When preparing a tax report for the first time, you will have to provide us with tax returns for the previous two years. Our teams will double check the returns for accuracy – without charging you anything for the work. If they find an error, we will provide you with several options. We will only charge you if the option necessitates amending the returns. 

Does your firm provide audit protection services?

We offer tax audit protection for every tax return we prepare at a nominal fee. You should be confident when coming to our services.

I have already received a letter from the IRS, what should I do?

You will have to provide us with the letter in a timely fashion. We offer tax resolution services. The costs for tax resolutions vary from one case to the other. We will start by discussing your case.

Our Favorite Parts of Roseville

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The Fountains at Roseville are one of the main showpieces of the local Roseville community. The fountains themselves are located in the epicenter of the block and are quite magical when they light up at night. Surrounding the fountains is a unique collection of 40 stores and 9 restaurants. During the summer months, over 4,000 people visit the Fountains daily. This is the ideal place to experience outdoor shopping and dining, meeting friends, snapping pictures, taking the kids on The Fountains Train or to the playground, or just walking the dog.

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Another well known member of the Roseville community is Downtown Roseville. The area encompasses 176 acres and includes the Historic Old Town, Royer, The Vernon Street District, and the Saugstad Parks. The Downtown of Roseville is known for it’s summer Tuesday Nights when folks enjoy free concerts, food, car shows, and over 100 vendors and food purveyors. 

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The Westfield Galleria at Roseville is an iconic shopping center that has thousands of daily visitors not just from Roseville, but from the greater Sacramento region. The mall opened its doors on Aug. 25, 2000 and after some expansion work, the total retail floor area equals over 1,300,000 square feet. Visitors praise the space for it’s high variety of shopping stores and services, cleanliness, delicious food court, and caring customer service. Make sure to visit this mall to feel the energy of the culturally-diverse, Roseville city.

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The Martha Riley Community Library in Roseville is newly-constructed library in Roseville that quickly become a local favorite. The library offers a diversity of books, games, and movies along with separate areas specific to children, teens or adults. One of the hallmark features is the ability to reserve private rooms to read or study. This not a typical hush-hush library and is a great place to spend time with the family.