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There is nothing that can be scary like learning that your tax returns have been selected for auditing. Most people tend to panic when they receive a notification from the IRS, claiming that they have been selected for an audit process. However, this shouldn’t be the case. In the event of an audit, Tax Shark is here to help you. At Tax Shark we offer tax audit representation services to prospective clients in the Sacramento and its surrounding areas. We work on your behalf to represent your case in the most professional manner.

If you have not used this service before you might be asking yourself what is tax audit representation? This is not a new service or something complicated as it may sound. The IRS is tasked with the responsibility to verify tax returns and ensure that what is recorded is correct. And given the overwhelming size of taxpayers’ files, the IRS uses a computer scoring system, the Discriminant Information Function (DIF) system to analyze taxpayers tax returns. The system compares taxpayer’s data, it analyses tax deductions and it is on this basis that system initiates a tax audit when anomalies are detected in your tax return records.

A tax audit is then an examination of an individual and an organization’s tax return to verify that what is recorded and reported is indeed true. Getting selected for a tax audit does not always suggest that you made an error or that you are being dishonest. Typically, when you get chosen for auditing it means that there is information in your entries that is out of the ordinary. If you have received a letter from the IRS should in this sense not scare you, in fact, some auditing processes usually end in a refund to the taxpayer.

Given the fact that a tax audit is a routine procedure done by the IRS to verify tax return records, as a taxpayer, you have the right to expect fair treatment in the process. Tax audit representation is especially important if you want a successful tax audit process. Therefore, if you have been enlisted for a tax audit in Sacramento seeking the services of Tax professionals will ensure that you get proper representation. It is usually not advisable that you represent yourself, this is true considering that you may not have knowledge or expertise to effectively defend yourself.

So, what is tax audit representation?

Tax audit representation also goes out by the name audit defense, simply put this is a type of tax debt resolution service. The service is designed to help you with problems arising out of your tax return records. With this service, a tax professional or legal attorney with special knowledge in taxation processes stands on you behave during an IRS tax audit process. Remember it is your right to be represented, as such IRS allows certified attorneys, CPA specialist and enrolled agents to represent clients in the tax audit process.

A tax audit representative is trained and equipped with the knowledge to develop strategies necessary to defend your position. S/he is tasked with the responsibility of preparing all the documents required by the IRS. In most cases, the tax representative can attend all meeting and all correspondence on you behave.

A competent tax audit representative should be at the position to know what evidence is acceptable and which one is not. As such he or she should make all attempts possible to supply to the taxing authority the required information so that the IRS auditor doesn’t find loophole elsewhere. In addition to this, a tax audit representative should bargain with the IRS auditors to accept certain documentation and subsequently, remove any penalties if you agree to sign the audit report.

Simply said, the role of a tax audit representative is to decrease your exposure to adverse adjustments made from the IRS auditor. We are pretty sure you neither want the taxing authority to probe into every possible case they can find, you really don’t want to answer questions that can send you behind bars, nor do you want to say things that can even expose you to the IRS agents. If this is the case, Tax Shark professional are here to help you. We are here to help you conduct an audit in the most successful way, our team of experts will help you prepare your records straight and stage a successful representation.

How Tax Shark can help you with tax auditing.

If you have been selected by IRS for auditing or that the authority is pursuing collection activities against you, Tax Shark can help. We can help defend your tax right and ensure that you receive fair auditing. We work to give you a competitive edge against the IRS auditors we understand that controversies may arise while filing tax returns, this why we have tailored our services to specifically address these issues.

As a trusted tax audit representative company, Tax Shark boasts many years of service to the people of Sacramento, we have been representing clients who run businesses or individuals who are facing IRS Audits. Our combined range of experience puts us ahead of our competitor’s which explains why most people in Sacramento prefer Tax Shark. You can trust as to pull together every piece of evidence required to ensure a positive outcome.

We handle all everything during the auditing process, this not only includes offering assistance during a tax audit process or preparation of defense files but we also take care of all audit communications with the IRS auditors. With our services you can get back your bank levies, you can get penalties abated and if you meet the IRS bankruptcy policies we can have your taxed eliminated

If you happen to receive an audit notification from the IRS don’t hesitate to contact us. Reach out by giving us a call at (916) 542-9244 or filling out the form above.

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