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If you’re facing an audit or a substantial tax bill, you might not be able to afford the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) demands. Whether you’re a business owner or an individual taxpayer, a substantial tax bill can ruin your life. Fortunately, using a tax relief company can help you avoid the destructive consequences of a heavy tax burden.

What is Tax Relief?

In simple terms, tax relief is any agreement or arrangement that allows you to reduce your overall tax burden. Relief may come before or after you receive your tax bill. In many cases, tax relief refers to the act of reducing a tax bill that you cannot afford, and there are various methods for accomplishing this.

Why Tax Relief?

In some cases, it might be impossible for you to pay a tax bill that the IRS wants right away. If you haven’t planned for a particular decision from the IRS, its financial requests may not be feasible. In other instances, a tax bill might destroy your business and your ability to operate effectively.

Your tax debt may not be your fault. It could be the result of taking poor advice from a tax accountant or business partner. In other instances, you may be left with a huge tax bill if your spouse or partner builds up a tax debt without your knowledge or consent.

For reasons like these, many individuals and businesses attempt to work with tax authorities to reach agreements that are suitable to both parties. In most cases, you won’t be able to eliminate your entire tax debt. But the IRS typically is amiable to working with you if you have a legitimate argument. 

There’s no reason not to try and reduce the stress associated with an unexpected tax bill. If you’re worried about you or your company’s current tax burden, tax relief could be a perfect solution for you.

Types of Tax Relief Services

There are a variety of different tax-relief services available to business owners and individual taxpayers. Let’s take a closer look at the most popular forms of tax relief.

Installment Agreements

If you can afford to pay your tax bill, but not all at once and immediately, you might be able to negotiate an installment agreement with the IRS. The federal government focuses on recovering as much money as possible, so if you’re willing to pay the full bill in installments, the IRS is inclined to listen.

If you have a huge tax bill, it would be wise to hire an attorney to help you negotiate your installment agreement.

Offer in Compromise

An offer in compromise is an agreement with the IRS to settle your tax debt for a lower amount than you owe. If you have a big tax bill that you can’t pay, this is one of the best solutions. It allows you to dispel with your tax debt without paying it in full.

It’s important to remember that not everyone is eligible for an offer-in-compromise. You’ll need to prove to the IRS that it’s not feasible for you to pay your entire tax debt. There are a variety of conditions that can make you eligible for this program.

Proving eligibility for this tax-relief method is complicated if you have no previous experience with the process. It will be helpful to have a qualified tax attorney to represent you throughout the process.

Innocent Spouse Relief

If you’re facing a large tax bill or penalty because of the actions of your spouse, you might be able to shift responsibility to your spouse. You will have to file the correct form with the IRS and prove that you did not have knowledge or understanding of your spouse’s actions. For example, if your spouse was omitting information on your return without your consent, you can sometimes seek relief from the associated financial responsibility.

Having a spouse who files incorrect tax returns or purposefully misleads you can be devastating on so many fronts. If this is the reality you’re facing, you need to hire an attorney to prove your innocence and protect your financial interests.

Audit Assistance

If you’re undergoing an IRS audit, hiring a tax-relief attorney to represent you can help you avoid unfair claims or judgments. If you don’t have any experience with an audit, you may not understand how to approach the complicated process. Hiring an expert attorney to guide you through the various segments of the process can help you protect your family or your business.

These are just a few of the different tax relief services that you’ll find at top tax-relief firms. If you’d like additional information about your full range of tax relief options, contact Tax Shark for more details.

Choosing the Best Tax Relief Firm

If you want the best chance of obtaining tax relief from the IRS, it’s critical to employ the right tax company. While there are a variety of tax-relief companies in the industry, it’s best to speak with an attorney who has expertise in tax-related issues. The strength of a law firm can help you achieve the most amicable solution to your tax bill.

Finding an attorney who offers a broad range of tax relief strategies is the best way to ensure you find an appropriate route through the tax melee. In many cases, high-quality tax attorneys will offer free consultations to assess your situation and form an effective strategy for relieving your tax burden. The best tax-relief firms will be transparent about the methods they use to help you resolve your case.

Contact Tax Shark for Tax Relief

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