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We all have taxes to pay. We file our IRS form and start the process of paying our taxes; this typically how matters go with most of us. But not all of us get the same chance as sometimes misfortune happens to a small number among us, leaving them totally unable to pay their tax-debts. Luckily, our IRS understands and offers you an opportunity to overcome your misfortunes. Under specific circumstances, clarified and defined by the IRS, you can be partially from your tax debts. The IRS scrutinizes the taxpayer’s financial record and fully studies his/her situation making sure that what you have to pay by no means would throw you into a disastrous financial crisis. Thus, the IRS collects the reasonable amount you can pay.

The taxpayer just has to apply for OIC or in other words the Offer In Compromise pay plan provided by the government. It is unquestionable that acceptance is not an automatic process, nor is it mandatory to be accepted. In fact, it all depends on the finding of careful examining of your financial record. If the taxpayer’s application is accepted, the IRS partially resolves the tax-debt leaving the taxpayer with a much-reduced amount to pay. But this is not all, the IRS goes an extra mile giving you the choice to pay the reduced amount either in monthly smaller installment or in a single payment, whichever suits the taxpayer. Tax debt relief is crucial if you face difficulty paying your tax debt. Firstly, it helps you avoid being penalized; the IRS charges you 0.5% per month or a few days of a month, a failure-to-pay penalty, starting from the due date to pay. This means that failing to pay 10,000 dollars will leave you with 300 dollars penalty. Sadly, this is not the end of it; this 0.5% is raised to 1% after the sixth month. Matters can get from worse to worst for the more you delay your payment, the more interest rates are raised; the interest can be raised to 25% of the unpaid amount. If taxpayers do not comply with the rules and pay, the IRS escalates the counter taken measures. Failing to pay your tax-debt is clearly reflected on your credit, a thing no one wants to live through.

Consequently, the taxpayer’s credit score can severely incline your financial status at the three major credit bureaus, and the same is applicable to creditors. The failure to pay can end up with the taxpayer being removed from consumers’ credit reports, starting in July 2017. If you think “Is that all they can do?” the answer is definitely “No”. The final blow, and by far the most disastrous, horrifying one, a failing-to-pay taxpayer can suffer is having the IRS put a lien on the one’s assets and property; this is, without doubt, a nightmare none wants to see. So why should you risk going through all that? Tax Shark caters to various needs of different taxpayers and business owners. They provide the client with a wide range of services. They put their clients first. Filing with them means those years of experience in tax relief settlements, tax debt resolutions and tax audit become available at your service. Firstly, they make use of their best strategies while preparing your taxes making sure that you are neither overpaying the IRS nor wasting the slightest chance to save thousands in your pocket. They keep their client away from harm’s way because a simple mistake or error made while filing your taxes can wind up initiating a tax audit or inquiry by the IRS. Tax Shark can professionally prepare all kinds of personal tax returns: self-employed ones or professional income tax returns, investment income for business owners, rental income for landlord/landladies and property owners and any other kind Secondly, they provide their clients with a formidable tax planning team. They help business owners with their tax mitigation strategies to reduce the large sums you may wrongly pay being unaware of what must be done or how to rightly do it. Moreover, they use their financial analysis experts in order to plan your taxes to help you stand on solid grounds away from any possible troubles when filing your taxes. They become your trustworthy tax advisors ensuring that their client saves as much as possible. They relentlessly undertake the mission of minimizing the amount of money you are liable to pay using all their financial and legal expertise. In addition to tax preparation and tax planning, they offer one significant service, tax resolution.

If you are facing any troubles with the IRS, you do not have to be alone. Tax Shark provides you with the best advice and the guidance on how to overcome any troubles with the IRS. They can also successfully represent you saving you from wasting time or being distracted from your important business. They are here for you helping those finding it difficult to pay their tax-debts to get to a fair settlement pay a small fraction of their debt. They help you pay the penalties and easily go through the collection process ending up with a resolution that works for your good. Besides all the mentioned services, they do not leave the job unfinished. This service can be thought of as a protection shield that keeps you safe, saves you going through any headache. Tax audit defense is a service they provide for this year and past years too. Therefore, should the IRS launches an inquiry or a tax audit, you do not have a worry at all. They shield you and handle all the trouble with the IRS. They make sure you are on the safe side and entirely protect from inconvenience by the IRS. They work hard so that any worries related to the IRS are eliminated gifting you the peace of mind you deserve. Tax Shark has a team of experts that is able to control any financial damage from your audit. With Tax Shark’s team on your side you the strongest possible protection.

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